What is Niksen? Introducing the Danish concept of doing nothing

If you’re familiar with the Danish word ‘hygge’ which describes a setting of cosy contentment and enjoying the warmth and togetherness of life, then I’m sure you’ve come across the current hot-topic of ‘niksen’.

Hygge has been most commonly used over the past few years, particularly over the winter months to accentuate the cosy, warming feeling that comes with the colder months of the year. As time has progressed and society has been ever changing, we’ve come across another Danish lifestyle concept – niksen.

In the Netherlands, niksen has been described as 'lazy or unproductive', but we lean more towards the unproductive side. As stress levels have increased over the years globally, it is becoming recognised in the medical field as a stress reliever to decrease feebleness. We're all working towards better lifestyles but sometimes, that means doing nothing at all.

The art of niksen is the art of practising being still and not really doing much to relieve stress. This can come in the form of listening to music, watching your surroundings or even just relaxing, reading a book. In an ever-changing society where someone is always engaging in something whether it be working life, family affairs, or just running errands, we can get lost in the pile of ‘things to do’ and forget to take time to look after our well-being and mental health.

Practice niksen with the help of our summer collection. Été embraces the moments of contentment that summertime brings, so we think these two concepts go hand in hand. Our slimline flask bottle, makes it easier for you to unwind with a cool or hot drink, depending on your mood (or the weather). Our lanterns set the mood just right.

Although it’s always important to take a break, we must be careful to not ponder too much on the negative and learn to control our minds in the direction of optimism and hopefulness, for faith in tomorrow being a better day.

Tell us, what's your favourite way to do nothing?