Uses and Benefits of Essential Oils

Whether it’s better skincare, mental health, or fresh cleaning products, essential oils have great uses for better self-care, wellness and relaxation. We’ve listed some benefits of different essential oils and ways you can make the most of them below.

Face toner

Add 5-6 drops of lavender and chamomile essential oils to distilled water to calm the skin down, revitalise, and add some freshness to your daily skincare routine.

In a diffuser or aroma lamp

Unwinding after a long day is much better with the help of the perfect essential oil and diffuser combo. Choose an essential oil of your choice (we recommend the anise and lavender mix) and add a few drops to the diffuser (with water) for a smooth transition into evening relaxation.

Home cleaning

Lemon essential oils cut through grease, hard water spots, and are a great antioxidant. Let’s not forget the fresh, citrusy smell it leaves in your home.

Better sleep

Research shows that adding a few drops of lavender essential oils to your pillow and/or trigger points of the body can help to induce better sleep.

Here's a quick round-up of some of our favourite essential oils:

· Lavender: used to relieve stress

· Ylang-ylang: used to treat headaches, nausea, and skin conditions

· Tea tree: used to fight infections and boost immunity

· Jasmine: helps to fight depression

· Peppermint: used to boost energy

These oils and more are available in the Wellness and Relaxation range where you can find the perfect essential oil combo for you.