The Trend Report: Think Pink

Pink seems to be a colour that divides people down the middle - you seemingly either love it or hate it. Admittedly, I'm a huge fan of the colour pink and it's taking its turn in the spotlight, in 2017.

This post contains a handful of ideas for how to inject some of this fabulous colour into your home. Most of them are inexpensive and easy to incorporate.

The hottest shade of pink for this year is pale, blush pink. It's quite a subtle hue and is easy to pair with either neutrals or looks great layered with stronger shades of pink. Whether you decide on a dusky shade, salmon or a pastel pink, don't be afraid to use more than one shade and layer textures up.

Candles, mugs, cushions and throws are very easy to try out to see if you like the colour. The simplest way to incorporate the colour? Flowers.

I spotted these cushions at a friend's house and loved the mixture of textures and the pink-grey combination.

So, will you be injecting a new splash of colour? Are you already a huge fan? If you do, show off your style - upload a photo to social media with #honeybeehome.

See you next time!

Melissa xo