Solutions for Small Spaces

Sometimes our home can look super cluttered or we may be working with an awkward space The truth is, your home isn’t cluttered, you just need some help with making the most of your small space. We’ve put a list of solutions together to help get you organised.

Use your vertical space

Make the most of an empty wall or space around door frames with vertical storage. If you have books, CDs, small boxes, or even plant pots, vertical storage space is perfect for you. Shelving is the most obvious and versatile choice.

There’s a variety of ways to decorate your shelves; we particularly like the use of battery-operated lighting. No need to mess around with plugs or make a commitment on where to plug in a large lamp, simply pop the batteries in and flip the switch. They can be easily moved around to switch up your home décor.

Smaller furniture

Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people think that they need a large coffee table as a focal point, not realising that it can overwhelm a space. The same goes for sofas. Opting for armchairs instead of a large three-seater, or an awkward L-shaped sofa often works better in a small space. Go for small side tables that you can move around and even put away, when you fancy a change.

Use rugs to create different areas

Rugs are a fab way of sectioning up a room. If you’re living and working in the same space, a rug can help you to differentiate where one ends and the other begins. They’re also great if you have hardwood flooring, as they add warmth and texture to a room.

We’ve named just a few, but there are countless solutions to help you make the most of your small space. What are some of your top tips for small space solutions? Let us know!