Six Reasons Why House Plants Are Good For You

House plants have been in and out of vogue, as trends in home décor and interiors has developed over time. In history, Greeks, Egyptians and the Romans were known for their interest in indoor plants as a symbol of wealth and flamboyance. It’s safe to say plants can be used to spruce up your home aesthetically, but they also have several benefits for your home and overall wellbeing, and we believe your health should never go out of style!

House plants aren't just a passing trend; they're here to stay and we have six brilliant reasons why they're a great addition to your home...

Improve mental health

In a fast-paced society and considering what's going on around us right now, what better way to unwind and relax in the comfort of your own home than through plants? Having a stressful day work-from-home day not only affects your mood but those around you too. House plants have been found to help with the relief of stress, anxiety and depression, leaving you feeling healthier and happier. Research shows that those who live around nature feel happier than those who don’t, so bring nature to you and release peace and calmness into your home.

Aids your immune system

Aside from improving mental health, house plants also help your immune system. Great mental health with a poor immune system and vice versa can really take a toll on how you live day-to-day life. Luckily plants tackle both (win!). Indoor plants help remove pollutants like VOCs causing headaches, throat irritation, dizziness and more. Although you won’t be eating your plants per se, they do still spread positive chemicals into the air that supports your immune system.

Improved productivity

As we spend a lot of time indoors lately, house plants will increase your capacity for productivity. Studies show that people with pictures of family and friends, inspirational quotes and plants have increased productivity while working. What you look at and are surrounded by can majorly affect your mood, so taking time to add life to your environment creates a space for great productivity.

Improve air quality

The air in your home can be worse than the air in the fullness of the city, which sounds shocking, but true. Pollutants and bacteria from the outdoors get in easily but find it hard to leave, imagine how easily a fly or bee finds its way into your home but bumps up against the window continuously to get out – that’s how pollutants are in your home. Introducing plants to your home décor releases positive chemicals from plants to improve the quality of the air, adding humidity and acting as a natural cleaner taking up the carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, and decreasing the chance of seasonal illness.

Natural scents

Have you ever noticed how smelling certain scents can remind you of an experience you had several years ago? That’s because your sense of smell is closely linked to the memory cells in your brain which trigger your mind, taking you back to that experience momentarily. Having house plants releases the natural scents of the earth into your home, generally boosting health. This helps to fight off infection, bring healing, peace, relieve pain, increase sleep quality and more. It’s also a simple way to add a natural aroma to your home without being overbearing like some air fresheners can be.

Take care of something regularly

If you like the idea of looking after something, house plants are the way to go. They require minimal effort to care for, feeding with sunlight and regular plant food to ensure optimal health and growth. Low commitment helps you get into a routine of not just looking after your plants, but the appearance of your home in general. If you’re thinking of getting a pet, looking after plants is a creative and beneficial way to ease yourself into it! (Just make sure you get pet-friendly plants).

Bonus: they look good!

They look good! If the reasons above weren’t enough to sway you, how about how good they look? It’s worth giving it a try, what’s your go-to houseplant? Our founder Melissa's favourite is the Red-Edged Dracaena because it's drought-resistant (oopsie).

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