Making your Home a Calmer Space

Happy (belated) new year to you! Here’s to the first blog post of the year and an exciting one at that. 2020 was an interesting and trying one for many of us.

At Honey Bee Home, we were featured in a number of publications including Stylist, Chatting Food, Birmingham Living and more. We had the amazing opportunity to celebrate and be celebrated by other Indie Brands in Indie Week and have continued to receive support and love from every single one of you, so thank you!

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that things aren’t always going to be certain, but we get to choose how to respond to uncertainty in a way that best helps ourselves and those around us.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of things we believe will help you prepare for the year ahead by making the most of your living space.

Here are a few ways to make your home a calmer space...

Get cosy

As much as planning and preparing are important, valuing rest and taking care of yourself is just as important. If your work-from-home space and your living space are the same, switching things up after work can help. A throw to get cosy under, after a long day is one way to make the space feel different. The new blue velvet throw that we have in is gorgeous! Not only is it huge, but it's also lined and super soft.

Indulge your senses

A new year calls for a new atmosphere. The most relaxing environments indulge all five senses. Fragrance is often overlooked, as it's less visual but we've found candles and diffusers make a world of difference.

Whether you're into fresh, fruity fragrance or something a little richer, walking into a room that smells gorgeous can do wonders for your mood.

Create A No Phone Zone

Prioritising yourself when you're busy helping others may feel counterintuitive but it's essential. If you can grab half an hour to yourself, abandon your phone and get journaling!

Ditching digital isn't just a trend, it's essential. We’ve added some new things to the Caroline Gardner collection on the site, including the ‘Year of You Planner’.

Even if you don't like writing, the journal makes it super easy, by being split into three handy sections: 'Today I was grateful for', 'Thought of the day' and 'Note to self'.

Get the lighting just right

When we were spending a lot of time in offices and large buildings, we were spending a lot of time under artificial light. Now that you're at home, you have more control over the lighting. Replacing the 'big light' with a few lamps in the evening changes the ambience of a room immediately. For more tips on the types of lighting your rooms need, check out our 'Creating Ambience with Lights' post.

Add some greenery

We've talked about the benefits of houseplants before but we really do love them. Not only do they look fabulous and help to keep your air clean, but the act of looking after your plants is also satisfying and a welcome distraction during our busy days.