Magic and Whimsy: Three Looks, One Collection

We really went all out on the opulence for this collection. Velvet, luxurious dark hues, peacocks - we have it all!

Magic and Whimsy sits in contrast to our Shimmer collection because I know that not everyone likes glitz, glam and sparkle at Christmas. In fact, I love dark colours - everything would be varying shades of black if it were up to me.

As a whole, the collection is quite eclectic but we styled three very different looks altogether. Ready? We'll walk you through.

I'm especially enamoured with these velvet baubles. You have four styles to choose from - all with subtle differences. I was particularly taken with the teardrop shape of the bauble. We have plain black velvet, plain dark green velvet, black and gold and finally green and gold. They're sold individually so that you can mix and match. As you can see from the photo, they go beautifully with the green peacock feather clips.

The second look features a lot of the midnight blue decorations that you guys were loving, over on our Instagram. If black is a little too dark for your tastes, midnight blue is a great colour alternative. We've paired some of the midnight blue with smoky grey glass. This look, in particular, sits beautifully alongside the Shimmer Collection. (As you'll see with the addition of the Champagne Glitter Star Tree Topper).

Flecked midnight blue and gold baubles, smoky grey beaded glass, midnight blue beaded glass baubles, blue quilted baubles and the blue peacock feather clips work perfectly together in this look. Add a lantern for an addition glow.

Last but by no means least is an altogether more playful offering, for our final look.

We're loving the peacock motif that is running through this collection and we added some gold sparkle to this particular look, which can be found on our hand painted peacock feather baubles - which bring a vibrant splash of colour.

If you're into a matchy-matchy feel, you'll want to pair the blue glitter star hangers with their matching tree topper.

And that's it! As you can, see we've styled our Christmas corner with additional accessories, all of which can be found in our homeware range.

What do you think? Tell us your favourite pieces from the collection, over on our social media! Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Melissa xo