Honey Bee Home | Favourites From The Range


When I was putting this range together, I tried not to just choose things that I think are gorgeous but it turns out, I like pretty much everything.

So, ahead of the launch, I thought it would be great to share my personal top three with you.

As far as throws go, I don't think they come finer than this. It's a stunning suede effect finish but with a faux fur lining.

If you're anything like me, you want a throw to be quite big, so it engulfs you; at a whopping 120 x 150, grab your snacks and snuggle down.

I am OBSESSED with this tray. It's solid white marble with gold colour handles. The possibilities of what you can use it for are endless. Serve snacks and drinks on it, use it on your sideboard, use it to show off your favourite tealight holders. It looks pretty much perfect just as it is, to be honest. I was surprised by the size of it. It's roughly 44cm x 13 cm.

Can't hang mirrors on your wall? Then, this freestanding geometric gold mirror is perfect for you.

It basically ticks all of the boxes for me; geometric, gold and it's shiny! Pop it on your dresser. Or...if you're not all that bothered about the mirror aspect and it's the shape that's caught your eye, lie it face down. Win win!

Melissa xo