Have a Fabulous New Year's Eve at Home

If your New Year's Eve plans have been cancelled - or maybe you never had any - you're probably wondering what to do with your night, come the 31st.

Well, I've got a couple of ideas...

Host a small gathering 

Okay, so you may not be having a huge party but a couple of friends coming over could make for a fun time. Ask everyone to bring a dish of their choice, or head to M&S (other supermarkets are available) and grab a few bits. 

Every excellent party needs a cheeseboard. Cheese, crackers, fruit and mango chutney is my favourite combination. 

Games night 

Whether you're seeing people, staying in with family or even gathering on Zoom, you can't beat a games night. Stuck for ideas? Go for the classics - Monopoly, Scrabble, Articulate. Or why not do a quiz? There are dozens online, with lots of different rounds, including emoji rounds. 


Make a new vision board

A what? A vision board. The past two years may have made us cautious of thinking about the future, and rightly so. There's so much change and uncertainty. But a vision board isn't about predicting the year ahead - it's more focused on what we'd like to see happen. 

Even if everything we hope to achieve and experience doesn't happen, it feels good to have something visual to focus on and work towards - even if the pandemic is disrupting our day-to-day lives at times. Grab a few moments to make a Pinterest board, or go old school and tear pages from magazines. 


Craft a cocktail or two 

There are companies that will host virtual cocktail classes for you and your friends but it's super easy to look up the recipes for your faves and get to shaking! 

My personal fave is an Espresso Martini. Of course you can cheat but that first sip, when you've made your own is so satisfying. 


Whatever you choose to do, have a fabulous safe night. There's a lot of hype around NYE and it's completely okay to be over it. I'll be heading out for a low-key brunch with friends, then staying in with family in the evening. 


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