Decorative Your Home with Faux Pumpkins for Cosy Season

As soon as September arrives, almost every shop that you go into and every corner you turn, there are pumpkins. We've gone pumpkin crazy the past few years - it's in our food and drink and now they're in our homes. 

I initially stocked them in 2020 and since then, the trend has taken off in a big way and now I'd consider them a seasonal staple. It's so fun to see you come back and add to your collections. 


A pile of velvet pumpkins in various colours. Green, cinnamon, pink, gold, black and leopard pring

So, this year, I restocked with our bestsellers from 2022. The leopard, olive and black all look absolutely beautiful styled together. My advice is always to style in threes. But of course, our velvet pumpkins look fabulous on their own. 

There's also a gorgeous selection of ceramic pumpkins in white, green and orange. The sage green and white are perfect for homes that are more on the neutral side. But then the orange ceramic pumpkin is great for a maximalist home looking for another splash of rich colour.

Spooky season has always been a big deal and more and more people are decorating for Halloween but recently, there's more of a focus on cosy season and it's not hard to see why. 

So pop your pumpkin on a tray with a few fairy lights or even a wood wick candle to set the atmosphere, make a hot chocolate and curl up under a big throw. Autumn is in full swing.