Build A Better Bedtime Routine

Investing in self-care is probably one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Creating a routine that suits you can transform your life as you benefit greatly from doing so, by:

· Helping to de-stress and relax before bed. You’ll wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day.

· Gives you something to look forward to throughout the day! This especially helps if you’ve had a challenging day.

· Routine helps with consistency. Being consistent in one area of life usually trickles into the others, which is great practise for forming new habits.

We’ve come up with a list of things to do before bed that help to end your day right.

Create an atmosphere

Candles can turn your bedroom into an (almost) home spa in an instant. Subtly warm up your room by lighting one, or relieve stress and anxiety with a few drops of essential oil paired with the Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser.

Quick clean-up

Clean up something you know you’d rather not deal with in the morning. It won't take five minutes to wash and dry a dish in the sink, or wipe down your dresser before bed. This is something that personally would irritate and make me feel stressed throughout the day as I kept putting off. Tick off one more thing on your to-do list to feel less stressed.

Unplug from your phone

Notifications popping up every 10 minutes makes it tempting to stay glued to your phone, but putting it down at night helps to unwind with no distractions. Try plugging in your phone across the room while you spend time with yourself.

Make a cup of tea

Having something warm to drink before bed prepares both your body and mind for relaxation. Try chamomile, green tea or a favourite of yours to wind down with. We have fine china mugs for you to sip in style in, available here.

Write a to-do list

Make a note of the things you achieved today and would like to get done tomorrow. The Caroline Gardner Wellness Journal will help you be more organised and ready for the day in the morning.

Set out clothes for the next day

Although we’re spending most of our days at home, we can still benefit from putting together an outfit for the day. I’m personally a fan of getting casually dressed up to stay home, as it boosts my general mood and helps me feel more put-together.

We’ve given you our top tips on creating a self-care night-time routine, but we’d love to hear what yours are! What’s your go-to bed-time ritual that helps you unwind?