About the Monochrome and Metallic Christmas collection

Christmas is such a special time; a time for giving and spending time with loved ones.'s also a great time to express yourself through your home.

When I was deciding what to do for our Christmas collection, I was tempted to only go for baubles. However, as I spoke to customers (and ran several Twitter polls), it became apparent that people wanted more than just baubles. That's why the collection includes a few ornaments too.

The theme came about from Honey Bee Home's existing aesthetic. I have people tag us in photos and tell us that the black, white and gold colour palette reminds them of Honey Bee Home - which is fantastic and exactly what I wanted.

So, I wanted existing customers to be able to decorate their home with aesthetic we're now known for.

The Monochrome and Metallic collection appeals to those who want to go wild with their Christmas decorations and leave no surface plain, or is equally for those who just want to add a few subtle statement pieces around their home.

The collection looks fantastic to mix and match amongst the pieces in it and can fit in seamlessly with your existing decorations. That's the beauty of choosing classic designs.

I could have easily gone the traditional route with red, green and tartan but you can buy plenty of that on the high street. It's pretty but we were aiming for a sophisticated break from tradition.

So, are you monochrome, metallic or both?

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Melissa xo