8 Ways to Boost Your Creativity at Home

Getting creative can sound daunting if you consider yourself more of a practical person. Research shows that there aren’t really people who are more creative than the other, but rather creativity is something we can all cultivate, it just takes being willing to unlock the inner Monet in you!

Here are some benefits of practising and executing creativity:

To help you out a little, we’ve put together a list of beginner-friendly ways to cultivate creativity at home.

Pen and paper are your friends. Utilise the notebooks lying around the house that you haven’t had the chance to write in. Dotting them around your home makes it convenient to note down an idea as it pops into your mind.

If you’re thinking of what to write in your new-found notebook, consider writing a gratitude list, as mentioned in our last blog here.

This may sound counterproductive to the first point, but it’s useful. Use your phone to record to voice note ideas when a notebook isn’t at hand. Typing out ideas on a laptop or setting a timer for activities also helps.

“The most important things are often overlooked in the search for things greater than the obvious” – unknown.

When we overlook the simple things, we can miss something great. Look around your home at wall art, colours, textures, even a conversation amongst family and you could get inspired.

We can all agree that music builds community and encourages expression. Make the most of listening to your favourite artist or maybe trying something out of your comfort zone to increase the flow of ideas. Classical music, for example, has a calming effect on the mind and boosts creativity.

Online art galleries, articles, and think pieces are a great way to get inspiration right from your sofa. Some galleries have the option to take a virtual tour, so it feels like you’re really there.

Cooking doesn’t just have to be a necessity but can also be fun. Get the kids involved in making a new recipe together.

Speaking of kids, they are probably the best people to take creative inspiration from. They love colours, art and all things creative. What materials, paints, tools have you got laying around the house that you can use to make something fun with them? If you don’t have kids or live alone, you can partner up with a friend or family member via video call and make something together.

Being creative is supposed to be fun but can be hard or boring if we’re not used to practising it. Don’t put pressure on yourself to create something amazing; use the time to make mistakes, strengthen bonds with loved ones and have fun!

So, these are our top tips on how to increase and practice creativity at home. Try out a few this week with your family and see where it takes you! What are you most likely to try first?